Here for the first time from the side of the BootBus?
June 06, 2003
BootBus makes it to Portland, Oregon

The BootBus finally made it up to Portland, Oregon on June 5th, after being in the shop for 3 weeks in Eugene, Oregon. It followed the Bootboyz as they moved up to Portland, Oregon.

So if you saw us in Portland, and are wondering what is the BootBus all about....

Some Factoids
The BootBus is the official vehicle of the BootsnAll Travel Network.

The Bus was bought in December of 2001 for $500 US and it was rusty blue.

The guys that drive in it, are the guys that run the websites that make up the BootsnAll Travel Network (BTN). The BTN are a bunch of websites about travel...mostly independent minded travel. Like folks that want to fuck off there jobs and travel around the world for a while, folks that love to travel and talk about it, and loads of travel resources to help plan your trip (and to do it cheaply!)

So we are excited to move to the city of Portland and meet our neighbors in the Sabin/Irvington district. Tommorrow, we are having a party at our new house to meet our neighbors and new friends in Portland and what do you know, a few old friends from Eugene are coming up to warn the new BootsnAll HQ up. If you want to stop by, please do and say hello. We love to hear about you and your travel stories...

READ ON, there's plenty more...

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January 30, 2003
Stephen King's Christine?

On Monday I drove up to Seattle to attend Rolf Potts' first book event. It's slow going cruising up I-5 and the weather was rather inclement.

When stopped for gas in Albany, OR, the bus would stall every time I took the foot off the accelerator. It would start up again fine, but when I braked before pulling out the gas station, it stalled.

READ ON, there's plenty more...

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January 07, 2003
Oil Change - etc.

I took the BootBus in Springfield German Auto yesterday for an oil change and valve adjustment. With this done - the bus is back to every 3000 miles. This was the 1000 m,ile check-up on the new engine....which is working like a charms so far (knock on wood) - We can actually comfortably go 65 mpg now.

While I was waiting, I picked a guage so that our oil temperature reader would work as well as a new rubber for the sliding side door since our was trashed.

Other stuff - the bus is cold as Alaska so far this winter - the heat does eventually some - but at very low doses.

Coming up - End of January - BootBus in Seattle and Portland for Rolf Poots Book Tour.

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November 27, 2002
Oregon State University

The Campus Crawl continues today - Chris, Nick and I are driving up to Portland, Oregon in the BootBus for Thanksgiving (Ant is staying back in Eugene). On the way up this morning, we will stop by OSU and plaster flyers.

The Campus Crawl never ends!

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November 26, 2002
Installing the Bench Seat

On Sunday, Chris and I attempted to install the bench seat. It appears to bolt right in like most people said it would. But, we do not have a drill bit, so screwing into wood is very difficult to make them go in straight. This weekend we'll get our hands on one and give it a go again.

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November 23, 2002
Mini Roadtrip

Ant, Chris, Nick and I will be taking the BootBus to Nick's Going Away Party tonight.

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November 22, 2002
Rodrigo - BootsnAll SF Party

Yeah, its a little late, but here it is...

He is a tour guide and owner/operator of Extranomical Adventures - Previously, he worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers but decided to screw it all and started his own travel company - He bought a airport shuttle bus and currently does tours to Yosemite, Wine Country and Muir Woods. The way he has it organized, they stay in an Hostel - he is one may show, so he has to take orders on his cell phone - he told Nick that he has handed the phone to a customer for help more than once - nothing like a current customer having fun to help book your trip. He is also planning on writing a guide to Sonoma for BootsnAll - so stayed'll hear more from Rodrigo.

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November 21, 2002
Catching up - Taking a Breath

Now that the Campus Crawl is over - Nick and I are back at the office, catching up on e-mail, preparing for 2003, and specifically BootsnAll's office in Bali. There are still more profiles to come.

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November 16, 2002
Road home via Northern California

We've just driven from Chico, home of the lovely Alex Brady and her sidekick Ashley, through Shasta back to Eugene. Sean and I shared the driving with me starting off in the daylight ( smart as my eyesight isn't the best at night ) and Sean guiding us through thick fog in northern Cal / Oregon.

I think we were both mentally winding down and reflecting on the trip on the drive and were rewarded with a brilliant sunset in the Shasta area. The fading light created a lovely array of colors.

Here are a few pics.






Sean driving and the sunset beyond him

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November 15, 2002
Home Sweet Home

Nick and I enjoyed a beatiful day on our drive from Chico State to Eugene, OR. We were going through Shasta National Forest at dusk and the light was sensational. During the 9 hour drive, Nick and I maybe talked for about 5 minutes of it. A peaceful drive it was and great to be back and welcomed on our arrival by Chris, Ant, Diane, Jen, and Lyndsey.

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